What is the meaning of the name ACTOP

A for Analysis: Success achieved through clarity.
In the analysis, the existing potentials of your organisation and the software are revealed and documented.

C for Consulting:
Within the context of optimisation, we support you with experienced consultants in a goal-oriented manner in the implementation of project objectives.

T for Training:
The training of employees is a worthwhile investment in the future of your company! Trained personnel are in a position to respond quickly to customer requirements and to make optimal use of all existing potentials.

O for Organisational Consulting:
Our knowledge of industry-specific company processes enables us to provide your company with well-founded proposals for the optimisation of your organisation.

P for Projekt Management

The co-ordination of tasks and processes is essential for the successful implementation of projects. This is executed by ACTOP with professional expertise.

To read more about the services represented by these five letters of the alphabet, please see the PDF file “Our Philosophy”, located in the Downloads section of the website.

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