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The five steps leading to successful ERP implementation.

What is the meaning of the name ACTOP?

A for Analysis:
Success achieved through clarity.

The efficient use of existing resources provides the basis for an economic approach. For this reason, first an analysis is conducted, with the goal of facilitating project

  • Planning
  • Control and
  • Transparency.

In the analysis, the existing potentials of your organisation and the software are revealed and documented. This forms the basis for subsequent procedures.



Guided procedures in the company are required due to the enormous complexity of the tasks and application possibilities.

  • In the context of optimization, our experienced consultants support you in a goal-oriented manner in the implementation of project goals.
  • Later in the process, our consultants assist you in handling new tasks and special adaptations.

In the course of our work, we always take care to ensure that your contact partners do not change. They therefore specialize in your company and are familiar with your procedures, so that a sensitive process does not have to be started again from the beginning!



The training of employees is a worthwhile investment in the future of your company! Trained personnel are in a position to respond quickly to customer requirements and to utilise all existing potentials.

In this way you generate customer satisfaction and ensure future sales!

Our comprehensive training program thus provides an important service. Our trainers have extensive didactic abilities and specialised knowledge. They impart goal-oriented know-how during the implementation phase and throughout the entire project, with training sessions that are differentiated according to the position and knowledge level of your employees.


Organisational Consulting

In addition to imparting subject knowledge, ACTOP has expertise in an extensive spectrum of industry-specific company processes.

This knowledge enables us to submit well-founded proposals to your company for the optimization of your organisation, thus permitting processes to be designed more efficiently.


Project Management

The co-ordination of tasks and processes is essential for the successful implementation of projects.

The implementation of an integrated IT solution in particular is very complex, and affects all areas of the company. For the company, the demands involved are often excessive, since the focus of the company is not oriented toward the implementation of IT projects.

An additional task, particularly when several consulting companies are involved, is to combine the knowledge of all participants, ensuring that it is applied in accordance with a common aim. This type of project management is executed by ACTOP in a professional, expert manner.



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